Pou: The Original

Look at this smiling piece of feces. His name is Pou, and even though he may not have the most pleasant origin, he is actually a nice and friendly guy. You will see that yourself once you start playing this game! And you will surely spend a great time in each other’s company!

Take care of Pou and have fun together!

So what exactly are you going to do together with Pou? Like every living being, he needs someone to take care of him. You will have to feed him and clean him up otherwise, as you might guess, he will quickly get dirty and will start smelling bad (which he is generally prone to). There are so many other activities Pou will invite you to join! Prepare for all kinds of entertainments and games! It won’t be long until you will turn into best friends and you won’t already be able to imagine your day without Pou’s happy smile on his brown face!

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