BitBuddy 3

After years of spectacular 3D graphics, realistic physics and riveting effects, many players have grown tired of visually sophisticated games. Sometimes we want something simple and unpretentious – like the stuff we used to play on our very first consoles as kids. Besides, it has this subtle retro charm to it and it’s like plunging back into your childhood or teen years. BitBuddy 3 will satisfy your nostalgic passion!

Retro pixels and 8-bit charm

In this game, you will have to make friends with a rather strange creature that looks like a humanized green monster, but of a cute kind. He will greet you heartily and suggest that you spend some time together. The whole thing is made in pixel style – the graphics is strongly reminiscent of the old 8-bit games, enhanced by a little bit fuzzy 8-bit sounds and clumsy animations. When you see a blue ball flying up to your hero and him making cumbersome moves with a sword that remains in his hand despite all laws of physics, you really think back to the times when you had to get a video tape with your favorite game, bring it home and insert it into your Sega. BitBuddy 3 can probably be called an entertainment for retro fans, so if you want to bask in memories of the good old days, you should definitely check it out!

Weird gameplay and co-dependent character

The gameplay of BitBuddy 3 is just as bizarre as its appearance. From level to level, the main hero will suggest different kinds of things to do or sometimes these things will just happen and you will have to react somehow. Every time you will have just a few options highlighted on the screen – you just need to click or tap on a respective button. The controls are as easy as possible, they are so simple that even a small child will instantly figure out how to perform the needed actions. Oh, and one more thing – BitBuddy seems to be very attached to you because he doesn’t want you to leave and even threatens to die every time you try to do it. Whether to fall for his co-dependent tricks or not is up to you!

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