Do you feel alone? Feel like you need a friend who will be happy to see you no matter what and will stick around all the time? There you go! BitBuddy is a strange-looking greenish (or blueish) creature who will really appreciate your company. Actually, he grows so much attach to people that enter his life that he can die, literally, if you quit the game!

Meet your new virtual friend!

BitBuddy is a minimalistic arcade where you will be spending time with your new virtual friend doing all kinds of fun and sometimes bizarre things together. Each level sets up a new task. For instance, you will suddenly see a pile of fruits and snacks pouring onto the main hero, sometimes filling up the entire screen. Then you will be given two options – either feed him or clear it all up. But be careful – if you keep feeding BitBuddy non-stop, he may eventually die and you will see just a skull and bones in his place with a few cookies and pieces of watermelon lying around that didn’t fit into him.

Actually, your new friend will die pretty often and much of the gameplay is focused on not letting his life end abruptly and meaninglessly. There will also be levels where you will have to fight against some strange flying balls and heads that will attack you from the right of the screen. You will see a sword in your character’s hand that you can use to fend them off. There will also be two life bars, respectively – for you and for your opponent. Your goal is to successfully defend yourself without letting your health level drop to a minimum.

Have a lot of fun together!

The game also features promo codes that BitBuddy will tell you himself. He actually speaks pretty often typing his messages in pixelated letters that appear above him and are accompanied with beeping 8-bit sounds. He will suddenly say something like: try this promo code – and after typing it in, you will see your friend sailing peacefully on a boat with something like a spectacular sunset in the background. After enjoying this marvelous scene for a while, you will return to passing the levels.

Basically, the game can go on as long as you are able to keep the main character from dying. It’s a nice way to relax and get entertained by the whole retro style of the gameplay and weird imagination of the creators. It’s recommended for those who want to have some silly kind of fun, yet with some unexpected kind of silliness. Good luck!

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