BitBuddy Full Version

Tired of all the restrictions that you keep hitting playing BidBuddy online? Wanna have access to all the levels and features at once, without having to wait? Then welcome to BitBuddy Full Version! Here you will be able to enjoy the entire range of activities available in this weird simulator about a charming pixel monsters that wants to be your friend. Shall we begin?

The peculiarities of feeding bitbuddies

So what exactly are you going to do together with BitBuddy? To be honest, the entertainments he invites you to join are rather strange. For instance, what are you going to do if you see dozens of doughnuts and fruits falling down from the top of the screen right onto your new virtual friend? You may think that he is in danger and look for a button to fend off this rain of food. But there is none, and the food keeps pouring down. It threatens to fill up the whole screen and it’s already on BitBuddy’s head. But he seems fine, and when it finally ends, you see two options – either feed the character or clear the screen. Be careful though – if your friend remains hungry for too long, he may eventually die. But if you overfeed him, he may also die, this time because it’s too much food to eat at once. Look at his face and his expression will clue you in on when to stop pressing the feed button and press clear!

Fight, rest and have fun together!

Knowing that people love fighting, BitBuddy will also ask your help in protecting him from his enemies. Those are various flying objects of round shape – first there will be just blue balls that die quickly and are not very agile and dangerous. But as you successfully fight off their attacks, they will call a more evolved species for help. This time your opponents will have some kind of a face, with eyes and teeth, and they will be harder to defeat. You have to hold out until the end of the last wave with your pixel sword and make sure the health bar that you see below your hero is still more or less full. Then you will be able to enjoy a peaceful episode for a change – for example, taking a boat ride against a serene river scenery. Start playing Bitbuddy Full Version right now and have fun!

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