BitBuddy 2

See this bizarre creature with an incomprehensible skin color and big eyes? This is your new friend! His name is BitBuddy and it’s hard to really tell what species he even belongs to. Obviously, he is not human, but he is definitely intelligent because he talks to you. From the very first minutes of the gameplay, he will greet you and say something that’s both cute and strange. Now it’s your responsibility to take care of him, have a great time together and do all other things friends do!

Who is BitBuddy?

BitBuddy 2 follows the concept of the original version adding some new activities that you can enjoy in the company of your new friend. The main character looks like some kind of an anthropomorphic frog and his mimics change depending on whether he is happy or not with how our joint leisure is going. If everything is fine and BitBuddy is contended, you will see him smile. And on the contrary, if you’re doing something wrong, his face will change its expression and you he will be looking at you with sad eyes. You can use this indicator to prevent the most horrible thing that can happen in the game – your new friend’s death.

So many things you can do in his company!

The weird frog-like creature can die from many causes. For instance, in a fight with evil balls if you don’t wield your sword aptly enough. Or if you decide to feed him all the food on the screen. He may also die of sheer depression if you leave the game, so prepare for him to ask and plead with you to stay around for a little bit longer. Of course, you should remember that it’s just a game and BitBuddy is just a bunch of pixels on the screen. However, it’s so hard not to start perceiving him as a living being after all the time you’ve spent together and everything you’ve been through! Even if it’s only a short boat trip after typing in the ‘holiday’ promo code!

BitBuddy will gradually become something like your imaginary friend and you’ll wake up in the morning wondering if he’s doing ok and wanting to drop by for a few minutes. He will cheer you up when you’re sad and give you some human (or not quite) warmth when you need it. Get to know BitBuddy a little bit better and learn what kind of new stuff is waiting for you in the second version of this seemingly simple, yet so addicting game!

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