Beat The Boss

If you ever worked at the office, you know how irritating bosses can be. They think they are the smartest and simply irreplaceable, that the whole company is holding on them. They walk around with a smug face and think they can come up to any desk and dump another load of work on an unsuspecting employee who already imagined getting home and having a beer on the couch to his favorite TV series in about an hour. Sometimes you really want to kill your boss. And this game will give you such a chance!

How to kill your boss without going to jail

Beat The Boss allows you to torture and harm a vast range of bosses of all sorts in all possible ways. There are various tools and weapons you can use for this purpose. The more damage you deliver the higher your score is going to be in the end. The level ends with the death of another boss and then you move to another one. It can last just a few minutes or a whole day, depending on the amount of anger you’ve built up so far!

Shake off stress and have a break from work!

This game is a great way to get rid of negative emotions and blow off some steam. So every time you’re mad with your boss, don’t risk your career – just play another round of Beat The Boss and stand up from your computer like a brand new, calm and happy person! You can even do it in your own office, at your workplace – maybe even let your boss catch a glimpse of it as a preview of what might happen to him if he keeps getting on your nerves!

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